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White Washed Wood
Frequently Asked
  • Do you have live music daily?
    Yes- If the music schedule is not up, please be patient with us! We do have music everyday regardless!
  • How can I schedule an artist?
    Please reach out to . Please keep in mind, what makes customers love our brand so much is that we are selective on who we showcase! Not everyone will be selected to play on our stage!
  • What if the music schedule I'm looking for is not available?
    Please be patient with us, we update as quickly as possible.
  • How do I reserve a table?
    At the moment, we are not offering table reservations.
  • What is the age requirement to enter?
    All ages are welcome!
  • What if I lost an item on property?
    Please reach us on social media, we will help as quickly as we can. Please keep in mind, we are not responsible if we cannot find the item.
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